Top 10 Phone Apps Every Dog Mom Should Have for 2018

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Are you a busy dog mom like me? If you are, I want to share with you some of the apps that can help organize your doggie tasks. I have put together a variety of phone apps that every dog mom should have. Make Life Easier in 2018 with these must-have smartphone apps for your dog.
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Dog moms know how fun being a dog owner can be. But we also know all the responsibilities that come with it. Are you as busy as I am? If you are, I want to share with you some of the apps that can help organize your doggie tasks. I have put together a variety of must-have smartphone apps for your dog in 2018!
Has your dog ever done something to make you think, is this normal? Well, guess what? There is an app to answer your doggy questions. Find a vet in an emergency, find a sitter or answer any other doggy dilemma. Ryder and I are all about having a healthy lifestyle. These apps are super fun, informational and helpful.

Make Life Easier in 2018 with These Must-Have Doggy Smartphone Apps


Pet Coach – Ask a Vet

This is a great app to have on hand for free veterinary advice. Say your dog is getting sick and you don’t know what you should do, ask them! Or curious about what dog food to feed a new puppy, you will find this app very helpful. You are able to make profiles for all your pets and set reminders for vaccines. You can also link your dog’s profile to your vet’s office to keep your records handy.


This app will allow you to book a dog walker in your area. You will be able to track each walk via GPS. Your dog walker can send you photo report cards, as well as potty updates.


Whether you are adopting a new dog or have an older dog, this is a handy app! Do you ever have to stop and think about the last time you pup got his booster shots? With this app there is no need to guess. Set up alarms for vet appointments, nail clippings, and much more. Keep track of your dog appointments and needs. It cuts out all the wonder.  


The app from the makers of BarkBox nad BarkPost is really fun. Make all your doggo’s selfies pop! You can select fun noises to capture your dog’s attention when you to snap a picture. Scroll through fun stickers and filters to make your dog the princess or prince that they are.


Know exactly what is safe to feed your dog and what isn’t with this app! It will tell you about the food. From snacks to doggo’s kibble. Find out the low down on your pup’s diet and learn about common dog allergies.
Dog sitting in the grass 

Weather Puppy

Okay so this one isn’t an “important” app, but definitely a fun one for puppy lovers! You can set your weather and clock screen to show many different adorable puppies! Looking at your weather app has never been cuter! It will brighten up even the rainiest of days. Who doesn’t want a Weather Puppy!

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Never be caught in an emergency with your dog and not know how to handle things. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid is one of the most important smartphone apps for your dog and other pets alike. Set up your emergency contacts and important information. You can search by ailment or situation.
You can also read more about dog emergencies in my post – Do You Have a First Aid Kit for Your Dog?


I am a big fan of Rover. Find a person to dog sit in your area. Pick out the perfect person to take care of your buddy when you head out on vacation. I actually used to be a sitter on Rover. There are more than 60,000 dog sitters that you can scroll through to see if the perfect one by area. The best part is that every pet stay is covered by Rover’s pet insurance, so you are in good paws.


DogVacay is very much like Rover. Find a friend who checks on the dog a few times a day. DogVacay connects you with over 60,000 sitters across the U.S. and Canada. Each reservation also includes pet insurance.


Teach your four-legged friend new tricks! obedience and more on the go. With useful tips and directions on how to work with your dog. I’m pretty sure this app is only available for Android, but it is worth a mention. It even comes with a built-in clicker for more efficient training sessions.

Furbo – Treat-tossing Dog Camera

So, this app is actually number 11. I didn’t want to count this one in the list because to have this app you must have the Furbo Dog Camera. However, if it is in our budget I would suggest getting one.
Ryder and I just got ours. I am so excited to share it with you all soon. Furbo allows me to keep an eye on Ryder while I am at work. This gives me more peace of mind about any up coming allergy attacks he might have while I am away.
The camera features a treat tosser and 2-way talk. Furbo sends alerts to your phone when your pup is barking, someone is home, or your buddy is close to the camera and selfie-ready!


Download some of these apps today and let us know what you think. Do you use a different app for you and your buddy? What are your favorite smartphone apps for your dog?