5 Effective Remedies and Supplements for Dog Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the common health conditions which affect middle-aged and older pets. However, younger dogs can also suffer from the severe pain of the disease. Arthritis can be very painful and uncomfortable for dogs just as it is for human beings. However, there are many foods and supplements that can help in dealing with arthritis naturally. You can add pet bounce for dogs joint pain to your dog’s diet to relieve arthritis pain naturally. Nature-based supplements will ease the pain caused by arthritis and will also boost your dog’s energy and vitality.


Making healthy choices and some lifestyle changes can help in fighting and reducing the arthritis symptoms. Following are 5 effective remedies and supplements for dog arthritis that you can consider to relieve their pain naturally.


Change the diet

Eating a healthy diet helps in controlling the symptoms. Load up on proteins, and other nutrients. Also, add anti-inflammatory foods to your dog’s diet. Include arthritis-friendly foods such as meat, cartilage, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, ginger, celery, and tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, and blueberries.


Supplement with oil

They might not be getting all the essential nutrients. So, you can also supplement your dog with natural oils such as fish oil, and coconut oil to increase their joint mobility. Both fish oil and coconut oil will protect your dog from illness. Fish oil reduces inflammation and also reduces the growth of cancer. Make sure you supplement your canine with these oils every day.


Keep your dog at a healthy weight

Obesity in dogs is a contributing factor and overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from a multitude of health issues. Overweight dogs are more prone to arthritis. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and keep your dog at a healthy and an ideal weight. Take them for long walks and keep a check on what you feed them in order to maintain a healthy weight.


Orthopedic Beds

Your dog may have difficulty in sleeping because of arthritis. The best thing you can do in this situation is getting one orthopedic bed for them. The orthopedic bed will provide them relief, and comfort as they are designed in such a way that they support the joints. They are great for injured dogs and dogs with arthritis.


Choose the right joint supplements

It is very important to add supplements to your pet’s diet in order to keep him fit and healthy. The right joint supplements can actually help prevent and fight this chronic condition of arthritis. It is vital that you only choose supplements which are effective such. Pet bounce for dogs is a homeopathic remedy and consists of active ingredients which have no side effects and are safe to use for your pets.


Follow the above-mentioned effective remedies to relieve their pain and supplement them with good food and dietary supplements. In case of severe pain, consult a veterinarian. Take care of your furry friend.


About the Author

Kathreen Miller is a pet health expert at Petbounce natural pain relief for dogs. She lives in Chicago with her daughter and a dog named “Buddy”.  She regularly contributes her write-ups to pet health-related websites and blogs. In her free time, she loves listening to music, watching TV and traveling.

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