5 Things That Are Dangerous to Your Dog

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Keeping your pup happy and healthy is crucial as a dog parent. You have to make sure your four-legged companion doesn’t get hold of dangerous food or substances in the house. The same rule applies as to kids and toddlers: lock these items away safe, especially if you have a boisterous puppy to deal with. We have already talked about the kinds of things your dog can and cannot eat. But below you will find a list of things to look out for that can potentially poison your dog.


Laundry Detergent

Unlike the absurd “Tide Pad Fab” leads you to believe, laundry detergent is not ingestible! For you or your dog! Your dog is interested in everything you do, even if it is a simple chore like washing clothes. If you fail to have a secure container for your laundry detergent, they might dig in just like you do. Be especially careful with liquid tablets that are easy to chew on, and might be colorful enough to interest your dog. Always store the detergent in a lockable cabinet and/or have a childproof container. Never forget to put it away after use.

This also goes for dish and dishwasher soaps. It is common to have these items under the sink in the kitchen. Being lower to the ground, this is also a likely spot for Fido to go snooping. Make sure that you put a kid lock on the door if you have a curious pup.  




We all love taking our dog out in the car for adventures, but you need to make sure that any antifreeze bottles are safely stored away. And in a place where your dog can’t get hold of it. The liquid is extremely toxic for dogs, and it can cause long-lasting damage even after just a few minutes. It is important that you have a safe container, and check the contents of your trunk/hatch before you let your dog travel in it. Puppies can be extremely curious about colorful things, so don’t risk it.

This also goes for liquids in the garage. Do you place your pup in the garage on a regular basis, or even just during the Summer months, because it stays cooler? Please make sure that you double check that all antifreeze or car and household fluids are safe, secure, and out of reach.




You should keep your medication in a safe pill cabinet and keep it high off the ground, so your dog can’t get hold of it. If you suspect that your dog has consumed painkillers or other medication, please call your local vet as soon as possible and book an emergency appointment. You can check out the guidelines for caring for your pet on the Sykesville veterinary clinic website.



Despite the common belief that a little chocolate doesn’t cause any harm, you can jeopardize the longevity of your dog if you feed them chocolate cakes, hot chocolate, or snacks. Even diabetic chocolate is poison for pets, so make sure that you are locking the sweets away all the time and keep your pet on a healthy balanced diet, instead of allowing human snacks from time to time.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause fatal kidney failure among dogs, so you should avoid them. Symptoms of poisoning can include severe agitation, temperature, and vomiting. Even if you are tempted to give your dog some grapes or raisins, you should keep them away at all cost. Remember that dogs need their own diet, and always consult with a dietitian before you introduce new meals. Anything designed for human consumption should be avoided if possible. Here’s a full list of food that dogs cannot eat.

You need to make sure that you are helping your dog maintain a healthy diet and stay safe. As a human, it is your responsibility to keep chemical agents and dangerous food away from your pet, so you can enjoy your time together without any health worries.


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