6 Easy Resolutions to Improve Your Mental Health

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Mental health is a difficult thing to work on. It will take a lot of time and patience. However, with a bit of determination, you will create new mindsets for positivity that will lift you into a greater life in 2019. Here are 6 easy resolutions to improve your mental health.

Here we are at the start of yet another new year. (Here is a look at where I was last year). Welcome, 2019! How will you ensure it is a great year? I am a fan of using mini goals not so much “resolutions”. I pick a theme for each month. Then set one small goal for that theme. This way your mind doesn’t get trapped into thinking it ”has all year” to work on your goal. Your brain does not like to focus that long; it gets tired. 30-days goals are much more manageable and keep things interesting. If you have a hard time staying inspired — Check out my post on 6 Tips for Staying Inspired This New Year (from the Dog).

So, what do you want to focus on? Do you want to work on your family life? Set January to be your “family” month. Have a specific, obtainable goal. For example, I will make time to call one family member every week.

Then put action to it!

Set aside a time slot in your Sunday schedule to have a phone call with Mom. Make a list of family you need to catch up with. If you have a hard time talking to people, like I do, make a list of topics or conversation starters for when the call might start going south.

Whatever you decide to work on, make sure that your goal is specific and measurable.



Is mental health top of your list of priorities this new year? Well, I think it should be. Good mental health is the start of all things in your life. If you can see it, you can achieve it! Mindset makes all things happen. And great mindset stems from great mental health.

The new year resolutions below are to put your mental health at the top of your list. It is time to start taking care of you! Self-improvement is a must. These resolutions will help you feel lighter, more relaxed, and balanced as you go about the year.

2019 is your year!

Break free of those negative thoughts, find happiness in your day-to-day life, and make this new year a year full of happiness and calm.

Mental health is a difficult thing to work on. Some of these goals will take a lot of time and patience. Give yourself grace as you work on them. With a bit of determination, you will create new mindsets for positivity that will lift you into a greater life in 2019.


New Year Resolutions For Mental Health in 2019



Sleep is a must for our overall mental health. It can give us the energy burst our bodies carve. Sleep allows us to feel happier, less stressed and protects our immune system.

Work hard at making sure you get adequate sleep each night. About an hour before bed try to unplug from all your technology. Get into the habit of having a “wind down” time before bed. Relax by doing things that will let your body know it is time to settle in. Curl up with a cup of tasty Sleepy Time tea. Take a hot bath or shower. Making yourself a nighttime ritual will help your body unwind and rest more peacefully.

Resolution | I will go to bed 30 minutes early every night and read.



Feed Me

Did you know the food you are eating can be messing with your mental health? Caffeine and sugar especially are linked to anxiety and depression. Be aware of the foods you are eating on a day-to-day basis.

Limit processed foods, sugars, and caffeine if you find your anxiety is high. I don’t recommend stopping all at once, work your way down to decrease your intake. This will ease the withdrawals that come along with it all.

Start with one thing at a time. Work on cutting out sugar and processed foods and replacing it with protein, fruit, veggie, water, etc.

Resolution | I will replace my morning cup of Joe with a healthy piece of fruit.


Love Yourself 

I believe that there are many, many (too many) people out there that do not love themselves enough. We all need to start loving ourselves more.

Find peace with areas that you have struggled with in the past. Learn to let go of past hurts, forgive those who hurt you, and walk in the freedom of anger and frustration.

This is one that will take time. Try to tell yourself 3-5 things you love about yourself each day. This is going to help train your mind that you are amazing, and you have qualities you love.

Learning to love yourself for who you are will truly make life easier. But It is a journey. Just work on confessing the things you do like about yourself and watch your confidence grow with time.

Resolution | I will speak 5 positive affirmations over yourself in the mirror as I get ready in the morning.



Self Help 

There are many ways to find self-help. One thing I find very helpful is reading a self-help book or listening to audiobooks. You may think they are a bit woo-woo, but there is no harm in giving them a try. I did and I love them!

Struggling with forgiveness? Want to love your body? Find a book that resonates with you, read it, and apply what you learn to your life. This is a great way to gain new insight on how to work through different areas of your life.

Resolution | I will finish at least one self-help book a month by listening to audiobooks an hour a day while I commute.


Stress Less 

Cut stress out of your life where you can. If your schedule is leaving you to sweat and feel pressure, give it a good look over. Where can you cut to free up your time? Try to make your life as stress-free as possible on that daily basis.

Stress can wear us down, cause anxiety, depression, and leave us feeling under the weather. Make this year about you, and learn to say “no” where you can, so you have time for you.

There are many ways to reduce stress, find something that helps cut the stressful feelings of life.

Resolution | I will lighten my environmental stress by lighting a soothing Lavender candle daily while at home.



Pay It Forward 

Pay it forward when you can. Small deeds never go unnoticed. But one thing I love about paying it forward is the feeling you get when giving. There is no quicker way to brighten your day or the day of others than giving back — a great way to boost your mental health.

Find little ways to help others like taking a cart from someone in the store parking lot so they don’t have to walk all the way back in.

Try to use an insecurity to help others. I have always been self-conscience about my height so using it to someone’s benefit makes me proud. I’ve helped reach items from the tops shelf for those who cannot reach or are in wheelchairs.

A few small deeds here and there will slowly make the world around you a better place. When you begin to brighten up someone else’s day it will make you feel good, which boosts your overall health.

Resolution | I will save all my change when paying in cash and once a week and go full random parking meters downtown.


What will you work on?

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