6 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog When It Is Too Cold Out

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Ways to exercise your dog in the Winter
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Let’s be honest, aren’t we all looking for ways to exercise our dogs in the Winter?! I am not a fan of the cold at all.

Don’t let cold chilly weather deter you from getting your precious dog their much-needed exercise. Daily exercise is essential for your dog to have a healthy lifestyle. I have a variety of ways to exercise your dog in the winter, to keep them active and in shape.

ways to exercise your dog when it is too cold out

The more energy they burn, the less chance of becoming overweight. Daily exercise also combats the winter blues and boredom. Do you ever find your dog is a bit sadder in the winter? I know I am.

Being locked inside with nothing to do can take its toll. This is a recipe for disaster! Boredom leads to acting out like indoor accidents or tearing something up. Help keep your pup happy and find alternatives to exercising in the winter. It will do you and your dog good.


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Ways To Exercise Your Dog in the Winter



Depending on where you live you might find that you have some options for dog classes. Sign up your four-legged friend for an indoor swimming class to help burn off some steam. Even doggie daycare can be fun for your dog to go play and run around with other dogs. Look into what is available in your area and see what your pet might enjoy. 


Bundle Up

Make sure to bundle up well and let your pooch run around outdoors when they do their “business” for a few extra minutes. They have a lot of and don’t get cold as quickly as we do. Try to keep your blood pumping by moving around. Toss a ball around, jog instead of walk around the block. Play just enough to let them get some fresh air and burn a little energy. 

Indoor Play

If all else fails and you can’t get outdoors or go somewhere, play indoors!

Find some games like tug of war, chasing each other around the home, tossing a ball in an empty room. 

You can challenge Rover to a game of hide and seek! Do whatever you can to get your dog’s heart rate up.


If you have a multi-level home or live in an apartment building, let your dog run up and down the steps. (Now if they are exposed to the elements and have snow or ice on them, I wouldn’t recommend this.) Steps are a great way to get your dog exercising, running and having fun. If you live a two or more story home, make a game out of it and race up and down the stairs.


Exercise of the Mind

Physical exercise is essential, but you must not leave out mental exercise. Take time to brush up on your doggie commands. Even taking 5-15 minutes a day can improve your pup’s mental health. You can take this time to work on your hand signals.

Try finding YouTube videos or articles step by step instructions on how to teach your dog new tricks. This is a great way to really help your dog zone in.You can buy toys that you hide treats in and they have to work for their reward. The never-out-of-style Kong is good for this. Those type of toys are really great helping cognitive abilities!

Ryder and I just got this puzzle toy, he was stoked! We opened it up together and tried it out while hanging out in our bedroom. He was so excited to play again that later in the evening he walked over and pointed to it. 


There is a new trend out there — the doggie treadmill. Yep, you heard me. I definitely had to include this one among the ways to exercise your dog in the Winter. If a doggie treadmill is out of your budget, you can use a human treadmill. If you do, please use caution! Take the proper time to train and get your dog used to any new equipment.

Do you have a spare room, shop, or basement? Build an indoor agility course. Here is a great indoor budget kit. Your dog will love to learn new things with you. You don’t even have to master any of the obstacles; the bonding and play time is enough.

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Be creative about getting in your dog’s exercise during these cold months. Let us know in the comments below what tricks you have for keeping active in the Winter. We would love to try them out, too!

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