7 Unique Ways to Remember Your Dog Who Passed Away

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Please welcome Heart in Diamond to the blog today. They have some great ideas on how to give your best friend the memorial and honored memory they deserve.

Sadness. Grief. Anger. Depression. The death of a beloved dog is the most heartbreaking part about owning one in the first place. Sooner or later, they will die and usually before their owner’s do. 

It truly doesn’t matter if you lose your dog suddenly and unexpectedly, or if you have known for some time that your dog was going to die, there is truly nothing that can prepare your heart for the grief that results from losing a pet you love.

For many pet owners, honoring a dog that has passed away is an important part of the grieving process. It helps to provide closure and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a dog. From customized quilts to diamonds, check out these seven unique ways to pay tribute to a dog that has passed away. 


Create a memorial quilt.

Handmade memory quilts are a great way to celebrate the memories of a precious pet. If you happen to be a seamstress, you can take pictures of your pet and have them printed onto fabric. You then use that fabric to create the quilt. If you prefer to have a professional seamstress create the memory blanket for you, there are plenty of services online that you can choose from, such as the company custommemorialquilts.com


Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

It’s often difficult to even consider adopting another dog after losing one that you were close with. Donating your time to a local animal shelter is a great way to fulfill your need for affection while giving love to dogs and cats that need it most. With approximately 7.6 million pets entering the shelters on an annual basis, according to the ASPCA, your local shelter can certainly use the help.

If you are interested in donating your time in memory of your dog, call your local humane society or animal shelter. Look up the website for an animal shelter near you and you will likely find information on how to become a volunteer.


dog with toy


Turn your dog’s ashes into diamonds.

Heart in Diamond is an international company that allows you to grow authentic diamonds from the cremated ashes of a pet. How does this process work? First, the sample of cremains will be put through a process that extracts the pure carbon from the source.

Once this has been obtained, it is then combined with a diamond-growing foundation and placed into a high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) machine which imitates the extreme conditions found deep within the Earth’s mantle that creates diamonds. After approximately six to twelve weeks, the diamond has grown to its desired size, and then it’s cut and polished, and set into jewelry (if you so wish). 


Plant a tree or flower in memory of your dog.

Did your dog have a favorite spot outside? Or maybe your dog used to dig in a certain part of the yard? Choose a memorable location or one that holds meaning for you, and plant a tree or flowers there in tribute to your dog. By seeing new life sprout in this place gives you a daily reminder of your dog.

If you had your pet cremated, you can also mix some of the ashes with the tree or plant.


Compile a memory box.

Creating a memory box is a great way to store the things that were for your pet you cherish the most and to celebrate their memory. Children also enjoy taking part in putting something like this together. Gather your pet’s favorite toys, clothes, blankets, and other keepsakes and put them into a box dedicated to their memory.

Over the years, you can add more things to the box or revise it as you wish.



Create an outdoor memorial.

You can have your dog’s name engraved on a bench or a memorial headstone dedicated to their memory. Having a permanent fixture such as this will give you a place you can go to in order to feel close to your pet again.


Create a photo album.

Undoubtedly, throughout the years you had your dog, you’ve collected many photos together. With the digital age, it’s a shame that so many photos stay on our phones and never get printed out on film. You can buy a plain photo album and fill it up with pictures taken of or with your pet.

Whenever you feel sad or want to remember the times you spent together with the dog, the album provides an opportunity to spark some joy in your life.

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