So, you’re here to sniff us out…

Well, hey there! My name is Kalia (Kah-lee-ah) and the star of the show is my boy, Ryder. We are so yappy you found us. And want to welcome you to our pack.

Front Seat Ryder quickly grew from a blog about dogs and mental health to a supportive community and mobile pop-up shop.

Ryder and I have teamed up with the lifestyle brand for dog lovers called Dog is Good. With our mobile shop and vendor events, we help fundraise for and support organizations aiding in animal advocacy, mental wellness, and community building.


Our Mission

The Front Seat Ryder mission is to empower dog moms on their journey through depression. We want you to be able to unleash your pawsitivity and chase a happier life with your pup. 

Together we will unleash our pawsitivity and chase a happier life!

Do you ever just feel lost and alone?

Like your dog is the only one who really understands you?

I have been there.

Actually, I was there often.

I have suffered from stress, depression, and anxiety for most of my life. Now as an adult, I want to give back. I want to help others going through some of the same feelings. 

Dogs have been a source of therapy for many years now. And more and more pet dog owners are honing in on the correlation between dogs and mental health.

There was a time, The only place I ever felt safe to be authentically me was around animals. For years, I had a hard time truly connecting to other humans. But with the help of Ryder and the love that only dogs can give, I learned how to step into my power.

Ryder helped me gain the confidence I needed to take my life back and to finally stand up for myself and my health.

Now together with Dog is Good, we are on a mission to change lives… one dog at a time. 


A blog about dogs and mental health. Front Seat Ryder is designed to inspire, encourage and empower you to chase a happy life by improving your mental health with the help of your furry sidekick. Join us as we celebrate life with our four-legged buddies through stories, tips, and community. Unleash your pawsitivity!



The Story of How We Met

Ryder and I have been together since 2014 when I adopted him at the ripe ol’ age of one. He was the sweetest little guy. The first time I saw him he was in his room with his “cellmate”, a beautiful yellow lab. Ryder (then known as Bruno) was gently enjoying a game of tug-a-war with a shelter volunteer.

While on a “test walk” with him down a nearby trail in the woods, he impressed me with how calm and happy he was. So content. Then and there, the decision was made. That day, he was coming home.

I have been in Washington State my whole life. I’m pretty sure, Ryder has too. When we meet he had just been transferred to Stanwood’s Noah Center from a shelter across the state in the Tri-Cities area.

He had only been there for about a week, Just long enough to do all his health checks and get his vaccines.

He was calm, docile, and his eyes were so full of love… Little did I know he was still drugged up on pain pills from his neutering. Ha.

I knew the name Bruno had to go. It did not fit his personality at all.

Looking back at our first selfie together, anyone could see he was the sweetest little car “Ryder”.

However, Mom didn’t come to that conclusion for a couple of days.


Our very first picture – driving away from the NOAH Center after adoption.


What is a “Front Seat Ryder”?

The name Front Seat Ryder hit me when I realized that through all my trials there was only one companion I ever wanted in life’s “front seat”… Ryder. He has been a happy passenger by my side from Day One.

This is a blog in honor of your Front Seat Ryder. We want to be there to help and support you the best way we can. We honor and cherish the human-canine bond for all that it is.

FSR will become a place to find encouragement and support from like-minded dog lovers. Where you can dig deep, heal from the past, and chase a happier life ahead.