Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

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(I’m Pinnable!)

Does your dog go through spurts of just wanting to eat grass while she is outside? Ever wonder what is so appealing about grazing the yard for the most delectable blade?

Here are the most common reasons your pooch loves eating her greens:

To Purge

It is a very common myth that dogs eat grass when they have an upset tummy to throw up. Because dogs cannot break down grass for digestion, there is no nutritional value for them. Studies have shown that less than 10% of dogs seemed sick before they ate grass. Furthermore, very few percentage (less than 25%) of dogs who eat grass actually vomit.

This is the reason I originally believed to be true.  However, now that I have Ryder who has a limited diet due to food allergies, I think otherwise. Ryder does commonly have tummy issues, but he has never thrown up grass. He eats it pretty regularly. In Ryder’s case, I think he really does just like the taste. Or maybe he is trying to floss his Canines.


Some suggest that dogs eat grass to get rid of intestinal parasites. This instinctual remedy stems back in the early days and was carried down through the generations. Most of our dogs now-a-days are vaccinated against these things, and this is probably not a worry to have. If you do think your dog could have intestinal parasites or worms, please see your vet.


Oh, the random things we do when we are bored… but personally I don’t think I would eat grass. If you have a young puppy who likes to eat grass a lot, WebMD says sure you spend a little extra time each day to get some exercise in. A few Zoomies a day can keep the boredom at bay. 

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It sounds silly, but some dogs just like it! Just like all hoomans have different taste buds, so do dogs. Heck, it could be worse. Let’s face it, how many other gross things have you catch your dog eating or rolling in for that matter? If my pup likes grass (and he does) who am I to stop him from having a little salad for dinner?!

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Your dog’s diet might be a factor in why your pup prefers to graze sometimes. He could be lacking in fiber. Check your dog food’s fiber content. If you think this is the case and have concerns about your dog’s nutrition, please talk to your vet about switching his diet.

Grass eating is very common in the pouch world. Furthermore, most vets actually say this is normal dog behavior. The act of eating grass is not anything to be concerned about. The number one thing to be cautious about is where your dog decides to graze. Be aware that there could be pesticides and weed killer sprayed in areas where your dog might want to eat grass. All these chemicals are extremely poisonous. 

I found another post that has some interesting views on the subject. Check out the post on Modern Dog Magazine: A Vet’s Take on Why Dogs Eat Grass.

Does your pup have an affinity for luscious green blades? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if there are any other odd doggie behaviors you would like us to debunk, drop us a note or email at hello@frontseatryder.com. We love hearing from you!

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