Do You Have a First Aid Kit for Your Dog?

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Do you have a first aid kit for your dog? Whether you are at home, hiking, camping or on the road. You can never be too prepared for a dog emergency!
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You Can Never Be Too Prepared for a Dog Emergency!

If you have a dog it is a good idea to have a dog first aid kit. You never know when you will need it. Dogs are very active and curious animals. They can get into a bind fast. 

Having a first aid kit at home can save you from a dog emergency. But it is also a good idea to have when you are hiking, camping or on the road. You need to be ready for when your pooch gets hurt or isn’t feeling well.

You can buy pre-made kits. If you decide to go this route, you can always add important items to your kit as you think of them. I would recommend getting a kit the includes a pet first aid booklet, like this one.

You can also make your own by buying each item. Collect them in a sturdy container with a lid, add a label, and Waa Laa! You can make it custom to fit you and your pet’s needs. And don’t forget a copy of the American Red Cross Pet First Aid book. 

Either way, having items on hand in case of an accident is a great way to be proactive. Store your kit in a place that is easy to remember in the heat of the moment.


What Do I Put in My Dog’s First Aid Kit?

I have put together a list of useful items to have in your kit for when of a dog emergency.

Corn Starch

Great for if you cut a nail too short and it won’t stop bleeding. Pack some corn starch on the nail and then favor the nail till it begins to clot. You can also buy groomer’s styptic powder. It works the same way.


In case something gets stuck in fur or tangled around them. Also to cut bandages, if needed. 


If your pooch gets a splinter or thorn you can easily remove it. This is a very useful tool to have. Depending on where you live, it could be beneficial to pair them with a tick remover. 


Have a copy of all vaccination and medical papers in the kit. You will need them in case you need to head to an emergency vet. Papers are the last thing that will be on your mind, so have them handy. Also, have any emergency numbers like the poison-control center written down. I made a handy printable for you. You can download a copy of my Pet Information Worksheet here. I made a handy Pet Information Worksheet for you! Come download your copy.  Make sure to pack your completed worksheet in your dog first aid kit and wherever it will be ready in case of emergency.


Extra Meal

Pack your pup an extra meal or two, in case you have to stay through a meal time or overnight at the vet.

Bottle of H2O

Water to keep your pup hydrated. You can also use it to flush out wounds or rinse off you or Pup.


Good for if your dog gets a cut. You can wrap it up to protect the open sore. Make sure the gauze you get is sterile.

Medical Bandage Tape

In case of a cut or scrape, you need to cover on the way to the doctor. You can also use it to hold down gauze.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If your dog ingests something they shouldn’t like Chocolate, you can give hydrogen peroxide to make them get sick. I highly suggest talking to a vet before you take this step on your own. There are specific instructions that you need to follow or you can make it worse.

Antibacterial Cream

An ointment is good to put on cuts or scrapes. Wrap it with gauze to protect your dog from licking the area. It will help heal up the wound quicker. Neosporin is safe for dogs. I used Neosporin Plus on Ryder. It has an added ingredient to help manage pain and itch. This makes the wound less tempting to scratch and paw at.  

Hand Sanitizer

Make sure your hands are nice and clean before (and after) dressing a wound. Hand Sanitizer is important if you are unable to wash your hands, like out on a hike. You can get a travel size or opt for hand wipes. 


Wear gloves when dressing a wound on your dog. 

Extra Towels

Have a few old towels or blankets on hand. If your dog is unable to walk, you can wrap him up to take him to the vet. Make sure you are okay if these get ruined.

Extra Leash and Collar

Have spares on hand in case you are in a hurry and rush out the door. Put them in the kit or have them close to the door. This is good in case you can’t find your regular one. You can also opt to keep a spare set in your car.

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You may need to check your dog’s temperature if they seem to be pretty sick.

Ear Cleaner

If your pup has floppy like Ryder, this is a good idea to have. Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infections. Any sign of ear trouble we rinse with Vetericyn.

Wound Spray

You can buy wound sprays for dogs to help with little things like heat rash or a hot spot. If you are unsure talk to your vet and they can recommend a specific one they like. Ryder and I are a fan of the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care product line. We use a lot of their items. They are cheap, (our) vet approved and get the job done! 


If your dog is badly injured, they may try to nip. You may never need this but it isn’t a bad item to have just in case. Even if it is just to keep them out of their wound for a bit. I recommend you choose one that is soft and breathable. 


If your pup has a minor injury, treats are always a good pick-me-up. You can use a treat to distract your dog while dressing his wound. Since this kit is (hopefully) not used regularly, choose treats with a long shelf life. Freeze dried treats are great. There are many dog-friendly flavors and last a super long time. I don’t remember what brand they were but Ryder enjoyed freeze-dried sweet potato. Rawhide is another good option. They have an unlimited shelf life, as long as they are kept dry.

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Make sure you set a reminder or mark your calendar to check and replenish your kit. You can also take this time to add any other items recommended by experts. Read up on pet first aid before you have to use it! You always want to be prepared for a dog emergency.


Do you have a first aid kit for your dog? Whether you are at home, hiking, camping or on the road. You need to be prepared in case of a dog emergency.

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    Great post! Thanks for the nice list. I have most of the items, but I can see I need to add a few more, especially before we travel.

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      Thank you. That is great; I’m so glad I could help. Have safe travels! 🙂

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