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So, you want to sniff us out?? See what we are all about. You’ve come to the right place.

Are you a modern dog mom like me? Ryder and I would like to introduce ourselves, as we are new to the online and blogging scene.

By now, you have probably read our About page and learned a little about our blog. We just wanted to take some time to really say hi! We want to give our greatest appreciation to everyone who has made this blog possible, including you. I am just one girl working to give my dog (and yours) a better life. We are here to share from our lives and try to be as transparent as possible. Our hopes are that our relationship will help you improve your connection with your Front Seat Ryder.

Life Together

Just in the last 3 years, we feel like we have been through many trials and lessons in life together —  I know I would not have made it very far without my boy —  As I am pretty sure (dare I say) Ryder would not have made it too far without me. We have lived with animals and hoomans in different environments. Ryder was with me through a (clearly very short) marriage and divorce. We moved a couple times. And I have suffered with him through doggie allergies (his not mine). And yet, we have come out the other side a more rounded pup/owner pair.

We look forward to all the adventures that life has to throw our way. We even plan on making a leap of faith and moving about 2,700 miles from home!!

Ryder and I want to share our thoughts, lessons, and tips for improving the bond and communication between you and your dog. We depend on the sweet support of you readers out there (yes, you!) to help keep us accountable to this blog.


We also hope you will be willing to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with us as well. Together we will be able to build a strong dog mom ohana. (If you are not familiar with the movie Lilo and Stitch, Ohana means family in Hawaiian.) Start a howl and comment below, let us know about you and your fourlegged! 

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Come. Stay. 

Kalia & Ryder


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