Do You Know Your Dog Actually Helps You Live Longer?

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With some of the mental health issues I have had to work through, I truly believe I owe my life to my boy, Ryder. He has been my emotional rock for a few years now. But it actually goes far deeper than that. As if we need yet another reason to love our fur babies. But stats have proven time and again, dogs help you live longer! Yep, you read that right! People who own dogs have increased longevity.
A huge study that took place on more than 3.4 million people, and it showed that owning a dog can be linked to a longer life. How awesome is that?! Now if you don’t own a dog, it makes a good case to consider adopting soon! **Wink Wink** Only if you are ready, of course.
I am going to share a few reasons why your dog helps you live longer. Just in case you need a reason to love on your fluff nugget later! I know for me, my dog is my family. I couldn’t imagine my life without my buddy. If you are like me, you will enjoy reading all the wonderful benefits of being a doggy parent. 

Top 5 Ways Your Dog Helps You Live Longer 

I am going to share a few reasons why dogs help you live longer. Just in case you need a reason to love on your fluff nugget later! I know for me, my dog is my family. I couldn't imagine my life without my buddy. If you are like me, you will enjoy reading all the wonderful benefits of being a doggy parent.

More Active Lifestyle 

A big thing to consider is taking your dog for walks. Clearly, walking your dog gets you moving. I know I get out way more than I would if I didn’t have Ryder. Yet it is more than the walking.
Think about how much playing with your pup you do throughout the day. Even going back and forth to the door to let them out counts. It sure gets my butt off the couch. All those little activities you do, add up over time.
Overall, as a dog owner, we become more active each day because our dog needs run supreme. I know without Ryder, I would most likely be inside on the computer or watching #allthethings. Even taking Ryder to the dog park or little outings around town on the weekends add up too. Do your dog parks have sitting for more than like 2 people? … That isn’t covered in dog pee?! Not ours. We are usually walking around together.
For me, this fact is way clear on the weekends and during Summer. I love taking Ryder out on hikes and long walks during our warm weather months. Have you ever found yourself enjoying a beautiful Summer day in the PNW?! If so, you know what I mean. The Summer here is why people fall in love with this place I call home.
Then, we “tolerate” the other 9-10 (maybe 11) months out of the year. HA!
Personally, I am more of an outdoor person when it is warm. But I am getting better at finding ways to get our exercise in during the cold months, too. Either way, it is proven that dogs definitely help you live a more active lifestyle. 

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Immune Boosting Benefits 

A child that has grown up around a dog, has a stronger immune system. Having a dog in the house undoubtedly makes things a bit more… dirty. By growing up with dogs and having exposure to more allergens helps the child’s tolerance levels. Studies have even found that dog’s saliva has immune-boosting properties. So, have no fear when the puppy kisses appear!
Being exposed to different allergens, such as dog hair, dander and dust give pet-owning families a “leg up”. (Yes, I was up all night thinking of that pun. You’re welcome.) Kids with four-legged companions have a slimmer chance of developing asthma. Unlike some children who aren’t around dogs. Studies have shown that dogs can help give their immunity a boost as kids age, but it stays well into adulthood. 

Stress Level and Blood Pressure 

Owning a dog is a great way to help lower your stress levels. They do not have therapy dogs and ESAs for no reason. Ryder is my ESA and he most definitely helps with my stress level. Dogs are known to be a true comfort to humans. Studies have shown a direct correlation between dogs and decreased stress levels.
Playing and interacting with awesome, fluffy, soft creatures increase your oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin is also known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone”. It is released when you snuggle or bond with others. It acts the same for you and your pupper.
Your dog knows you. They know when you are going through something negative. Does your buddy come over for cuddles when you are sad? Petting and cuddling pups also decrease cortisol, the stress hormone. This aids in lowering your blood pressure in stressful events. Nothing calms you down faster than your sweet little pup needing your attention and love.

Could Save Your Life 

Haven’t you seen those stories of dogs who woke their owners when the house was on fire? Or ran to get help when their owner was in trouble? Dogs become in tune with our needs. Sometimes more in tune than we even are.
A lot of people get dogs for protection. Having a guard dog is very likely to save your life at some point. Ryder woke me up one night out of the blue with a very subtle, yet serious low woof. It was just loud enough to wake me up. He did it a couple of times as we laid there.
Then I heard it. A noise came from the other side of my headboard. Crashing in the garage. Someone had broken in! Ryder knew well enough to wake me, but not startle the robber. I mean, what if he had a gun?! You never know if you will find yourself in a bad situation. Your dog might just swoop in to save your life. 

Best Friend 

At the absolute simplest ways dogs help you live longer, dog is man’s best friend. We all know that, especially as dog moms. Not feeling alone can help give you the ambition to keep getting up each day. The fact that Ryder needs me to take care of him keeps me from slinking away from the world. My best friend counts on me to be there to help him.
Just like Ryder does for me, your dog gives you a purpose. A reason to keep living. Because without you, where would they be? Who will take care of your dog if you are gone? There is no one else they would rather feed them, take them outside, or give them the mom cuddles they crave. 
Your best friend counts on you, just as much as you count on him. That is what true friendship is really about!

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  1. I'm Busy Being Awesome
    | Reply

    It’s amazing how much of a difference a dog can make in a person’s life. Bruno (my Dalmatian) is my ESA as well, and he plays such a big roll in reducing stress and boosting joy every day.
    I didn’t know about the immune boosting benefits. One more added bonus!

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      Yes, for sure! Aww, Ryder’s name was Bruno when I adopted him, but it didn’t fit him. Im so glad you have Bruno in your life. Ryder has really saved me in so many ways.

  2. mandypo
    | Reply

    I was just sitting on the couch with my friend’s dog and having her cuddle right next to me and keep me warm was so comforting. Love those puppies!

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      That sounds like a perfect place to be!!! ❤ ? ❤

  3. Devour Dinner
    | Reply

    If people only knew how valuable the love from an animal can truly be. They can truly be heroes in so many ways. We love our Goldens, all 80lbs of them!

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      So very true!! Gotta love all the animals. ❤? Oww, you have Goldens! They are so sweet. ?

  4. Mariann
    | Reply

    oh I miss my doggie back in the Philippines ? been out of the country for 6 yeard already ?

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      Awww. ? I’m sorry. That sounds super tough. I hope you are able to visit soon and/or find another buddy to cuddle. ❤?❤

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