How Do I Get Rid of Fleas Instantly?

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How Do I Get Rid of Fleas Instantly?

There is no greater nuisance for me when it comes to being a Dog Mom… Of course, I am talking about FLEAS! They are honestly the bane of my existence! Which is why I am pleased to welcome Nicole from Go Forth. Nicole is a guest writer today and has some great tips to help you get rid of fleas as fast as possible!

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas Instantly?

We all know what fleas look like. They are small, brownish creatures that feed on our pet’s blood. Many people are wondering what measures could be taken to get rid of these creatures. Not only do they cause discomfort to our pets but they also bring allergies and skin diseases. As loving fur parents, you can’t let them dominate the fur of your dogs and cats.

Usually, our pets get fleas when they play on infested grounds such as the lawn, grasslands, pavements, and many more. They can also acquire it while playing with other animals such as cats, chicken, and other dogs.

Are you annoyed by the constant scratching and chewing of your dogs? Get rid of flea infestations. Here’s how:

Washing of Bedding and Toys

Wash your pet’s bedding with hot and soapy water. Fleas are present where your dogs sleep. Sometimes, they also infest stuffed toys and sofa beds. To get rid of them, it is important to use either hot water or a hot dryer. These creatures can’t withstand it, not even the adults. Treating their bedding and toys with heat will mean instant death. The soapy water helps create an adhesive to fleas. It pulls them away from the fabric, leaving them powerless against the washing machine.


Proper Grooming

Another way to get rid of fleas is by grooming your pets using a flea comb. A flea comb is a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas from the fur. When you catch them with it, place the insects on a pool of water with soap. Do not squish the fleas with your nails. The bacteria they harbor on their body could be harmful.


Effective Housekeeping

Remember to vacuum and sweep the floors after grooming. In this way, the eggs that might have fallen will no longer hatch.

Don’t leave out the mats, and the floorboards when vacuuming. These could be hiding places of fleas. To eliminate them once and for all, you need to regularly clean the areas where they can lay eggs which are literally everywhere. The best remedy for every pest infestation is the habit of effective housekeeping. If you practice this, no insect will infest your home because they will see it as the least attractive for their endeavors.


Lawn Treatment

Fleas are naturally outdoor insects. To prevent fleas, you need to make your lawn your first line of defense. You can use non-toxic treatments to keep your dogs safe when they play. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you can also use low-impact insecticides to spray to your yard. Make sure to follow the instructions as instructed by the manufacturer.


Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of fleas. This powder is made of powerful diatoms that destroy the exoskeleton of fleas, dehydrating them to death. Before you purchase it, make sure to get the food-grade DE for your pet’s protection. To use, just sprinkle a generous amount of DE to your pet’s fur and spread it thinly. Let it stay for at least a day then bathe your dog using an anti-flea shampoo.


Anti-Flea Formula

If the infestation is severe it’s time to treat your dog with an anti-flea formula. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of fleas instantly. If natural methods no longer get rid of infestations, it’s best to take your methods to a higher level. Consult your veterinarian for the best anti-flea formula.

There you have it! You can get rid of the fleas we all hate from your fur baby. Our dogs love us so much that they would give all the love and support we need. It’s time we do the same. With these simple methods, you can get rid and prevent fleas from infesting. All it takes is patience, determination, and consistency.

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