How to Love Yourself More

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To say that we are all pleased with ourselves 100% is completely untrue. We all have considerable issues with certain aspects of our personality, or there could be physical things that we have chips on our shoulder about. We spend so much time looking at the superficial aspects of our personality. Here are some tips on how to love yourself more.

To say that we are all pleased with ourselves 100% is completely untrue. We all have considerable issues with certain aspects of our personality, or there could be physical things that we have chips on our shoulder about. Ultimately, when it comes to fixing minimal anxieties in our lives, this is more than feasibly attained, but because we spend so much time looking at the superficial aspects of our personality, isn’t it better to work from the inside out? So, let’s delve into this further. 


Things to think about when learning how to love yourself more



What Are Your Hang Ups?

We all have various anxieties about our personalities. Those people that have a supreme aura of confidence have worked hard for a relaxed state of mind. Ultimately, if we have little hang-ups about superficial aspects of our physical appearance, acceptance is the overriding goal.

Accepting yourself is what will make you feel calm and de-stressed but it can take a long time to get there. So the first thing to look at is the superficial aspects of your hang-ups. From there, you ask yourself the following question…


Do They Really Impact Your Life?

We can all make excuses and say that these little issues are stopping us from making the next hurdle in life, but when we have these little issues about our personality or appearance, they are not little to us. So we can all argue that it does have a major impact on our lives, and our ability to cope with the ups and downs of what we go through every day.

It’s important to remember that we develop hang-ups about certain aspects of ourselves because they’ve become a learned pattern. Psychologically speaking, this is where counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy comes in because it gives you the opportunity to delve into the root cause of these issues.



It could be something learned, or it could be because of something that happened when you were very young. And which point, taking the opportunity to break it down and realize the futility of the issue. It opens you up and gives you an ability to look at it with a different viewpoint. It impacts your life because you are letting it. And this is why you need to find the appropriate solution to help you cope with the issue and accept yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy when it’s a superficial issue; you can go to a professional to have it fixed. Lots of people have issues with their nose or their teeth, and this is why so many people go for rhinoplasty or have Broomfield Invisalign braces. Financially speaking, it’s a simple fix, and if it makes you feel better, then it’s worth the effort if you have the finances. If you don’t, you can feel it does have a major impact on your life.


Are They Really Stopping You Doing Things?

Of course, if these issues are stopping you doing things, you first have to come to the realization that you need to help yourself, and then you need to go about implementing this. If you have a hang-up about your teeth because they aren’t aligned, what is it really stopping you doing in life?

You have found it to be an annoyance every time you look in the mirror, and it makes you feel bad about yourself, so you really need to ask yourself if it is stopping you accomplishing the things you want in life. We can use a hang up like this as not just a reason, but as a major full stop on our lives.

We can say that these things have stopped us going for a certain job or stopped us speaking to someone we have a crush on, but we carry these insecurities into those situations. It’s time to say goodbye to these insecurities.


What We Can All Do To Benefit Ourselves

We all have a little issue with some aspect of us, on a superficial level, or on a psychological level. At the trick to overcoming this is surprisingly simple. We have to do ourselves as works in progress. If you want to make a change, then work at it.

When we have insecurities about something, we can easily sit and wallow in these problems. Instead, by drawing a line in the sand and making it’s your life duty to start again and to make you a better person, this is when you’ll finally see these insecurities slip away. Remember, we all need some help, and whether this is professional help, we need the honest advice of a close friend, never feel like you have to do it alone.

In life, we all have hurdles to overcome. The big issue we have with these hurdles is that we feel that it’s too big a hurdle to jump over. We all have considerable problems in life, and when the impacts as in a way that affects the view we have of ourselves, we can feel like it’s our fault and we have to take it out on ourselves.

This means a lot of self-sabotage, but the solution to accepting yourself taking it one day at a time. We all deserve to be happier in life, and not view ourselves as inferior to someone else because this will only stop us getting what we want out of life. Whether you have self-confidence issues or you are annoyed being overweight or underweight, you need to ask yourself, what can I do to make myself more content in who I am?

Self-confidence issues stem from a negative viewpoint of ourselves, but if we can locate the source, this gives us a clarity that we didn’t have before. Whether it’s professional help, personal help, or looking for the right tools yourself, you deserve to be the best version of you. But we feel that we don’t achieve that sense of perfection.

Well here’s a news flash: there is no such thing as perfection! If you have little issues with yourself, there are ways around it, but accepting yourself from the inside out is the key to a long and happy life.


How to Love Yourself More

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