The Modern World – Is It Really as Good for Us as We Think?

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Can you imagine living in a different time to now? Lots of people say that they would much rather live in today’s modern society compared to an earlier period, such as the Middle Ages or the Victorian times thanks to all of the latest tech and medical advances that we now have in our lives.

For instance, ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have been able to use many different forms of technology and machinery that make various jobs and processes a lot easier. Many tasks have been made even easier still ever since the dawn of the tech age, when computers and the internet became so ubiquitous.

Plus, all of the recent developments in medicine and healthcare mean that we are now able to successfully treat more illnesses and health conditions than ever before.

However, the modern world might not be as great as it appears to be. With all of these new tech developments and advancements come some new consequences that can have some very negative effects on our lives. Thankfully, these effects can be quite easy to overcome once you know how. Read on to find out more!



A Dependence On Technology

Now that we have a lot more tech to use in our lives, there seems to be a growing number of people who are becoming dependent on various types of technology. One of the biggest areas of dependency is on video games, and this tends to affect teenagers and millennials. These days, young people seem to spend most of their free time playing games consoles than actually going out and experiencing the world.

In fact, this issue has become so pressing that there are now new centers popping up to help treat gaming addicts. Lots of adults from every generation are also now highly dependent on their smartphones. This can be especially problematic when it is parents who are so consumed by their phones and tablet devices, as they tend to neglect their children in favor of their screens.



Increased Stresses In All Walks Of Life

Now that the internet keeps us so well connected, some people have found that they are slightly too well connected to work. Many people are now taking their work home with them from the office, and some employers will even continue to email them after the working day is done.

This is also increasingly bad for freelancers, who find it difficult to switch off after completing their work for the day. All of this work is obviously very bad for us, and can increase the stress we experience in our lives.

Some people even turn to alcohol to help numb their feelings of stress and, as a result, people are visiting the likes of Sandy’s Place and other rehab facilities to overcome their reliance on addictive substances. As you can see then, it’s really worth switching off from work at the end of the day so that the stress doesn’t add up too much.



Pressure From Social Media

Now that the majority of us all use social media, people find that there is an increased pressure to portray their lives in a certain way on the platform. Lots of people are also continually comparing their lives to other peoples’.

This can obviously end up getting quite stressful and disheartening, especially if you think that people are having a lot more fun in their day to day lives. However, it’s important to remember that people usually curate what goes on their social media platforms – they will only post about happy things rather than their bad days.

So, keep in mind that what you see on social media isn’t always a true reflection of someone’s life.



An Increase In Pollution

Now that almost every family has at least one car, lots of cities around the world are suffering from a significant increase in air pollution. Not only that, though, but as industry increases due to demand, there are also now a lot of scientists who are worried about the increased levels of sea and ocean pollution as well as damage being caused to the overall environment. Climate change is now a big deal, and many people are now trying all that they can to reduce its effect in order to save the planet.



What Can You Do About It?

This may sound very bleak and futile. But, thankfully, there are somethings you can do to reduce the effects of these consequences on your life. Here are some quick tips that should help.


  • Don’t Check Social Media So Much. First of all, possibly one of the most obvious things you can do is to stop using social media so much. Try to limit yourself to just checking your various platforms once a day.
  • Have Real Conversations With People. Rather than simply instant messaging your friends and family, it’s best to put down your laptop or smartphone and speak to them face to face. Even if you don’t see them that often, you can still call them rather than simply texting them. You’ll be surprised at how much difference having a real conversation can make!
  • Get Out Into The World. Why just stay at home all day on your computer when you could be out there exploring the world? Getting outside and connecting with the world around you can do wonders for your mood as it will keep your mind active and healthy. You might want to join some hobby groups or clubs to try and meet new people, or simply go for a hike or run to try to improve your overall health and fitness.
  • Lead An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle. It’s also crucial that we all think more about the lifestyle we lead. We need to do our bit to decrease pollution and irreversible climate change by recycling and leading an overall more eco-friendly life. Even just starting off with some baby steps can make a huge difference to the planet.

Make sure you aren’t too badly affected by the negative consequences of modern life!

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