Passion Is the Only Step in the Right Direction

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The world needs you and your calling. The world also needs to see more people living the dream, just like Christine Savella. If more and more people choose to take the route less traveled and pick up their unique God-given talents, we can make passion our new “normal”. Find your passion in life and run with it!

I love to talk about how to get the most out of life. We encourage others to chase a happier life. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to take the time to really find your passion and calling in life. Then use every spare moment you have to hone in on it. Find your passion in life and run with it! 

Today I want to introduce you to a woman I find completely inspiring. This woman is the definition of chasing a happier life. From the moment I saw her work I knew her “pawsitivity” has been unleashed. She is living the life that I want so badly for all of us. She is living out her passion.

I met Christine Savella through a fellow dog furrend account on Instagram. They were raving about how much they were obsessed with this woman’s art. So, naturally, I clicked over to her account to check it out.

Much to my surprise, I found the most beautiful, heartfelt pieces of art. The photos on Christine’s Instagram account are simply breathtaking. Her passion really shows through on every painting she touches. I immediately started following.




I reached out to Christine over DM and we hit it off right away. She is so sweet! I found out we are just a hop, skip, and jump over the Washington/Canadian board from each other. She even invited me to come up and visit, which I will have to take her up on some time! 🙂

Today I want to share with you more of Christine’s story about finding her calling in life.

Christine is the owner and artist behind Savvy Studios which specializes in custom-painted pet portraits. She was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She is a self-taught painter obsessed with painting dogs and cats. An Artist, mama, and a Boss Lady raising her two beautiful children in the Fraser Valley. She is living a happy and creative life. Something that we all strive for.

I have been so curious lately about how people find their passion and make the life they have always dreamed of come true. So I wanted to dig deeper into how Savvy Studios came started. So, I asked Christine a few questions.


When did you know that painting was your passion?

Throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed sharing my artwork. I love creating paintings that have sentimental value. The smile or happy tears on someone’s face when they look at my artwork just fills my heart.

This rewarding feeling ignites my passion to paint. I have this crazy drive to grow as an artist and master my craft. I feel most alive when I am painting and can’t imagine my life without it.

Did you explore a lot of different things before painting?

Art has always been my passion. I use art to connect with people, to heal. I always wanted to be an artist. However, to my family art wasn’t considered a possible profession. So I pursued a conventional career.

The daily office grind left me feeling empty and meaningless. Deep inside, I knew that the world offered so much more beyond my office cubicle. That I had so much more to offer the world. So I left. I wanted to follow my passion, focus on my artistic career, and spend more time with my family. Best decision ever!




What has been your biggest obstacle when it comes to doing what you love?

Having limited time due to the demands of being a mom of two young children and helping my husband run his business. Time is a precious commodity.

Also the challenges of constantly switching roles from Dance Mom, Hockey Mom, Wife, Bookkeeper, Chef, Maid, Artist. All while trying to find a balance between family life and the passion to paint.



What keeps you inspired when you might not feel like creating?

Healing others inspires me. Life inspires me. Inspiration comes from everywhere. The fact that I am my own boss – doing what I am born to do – inspires me. With this ever-churning mind, I always have a creative yearning.


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Do you have a favorite piece? Why?

So hard to choose, there are so many!  I put my heart and soul into each piece.

It may sound biased, but my favorite pieces have been portraits of my own dogs. I have the freedom and can explore possibilities when I am working on my own pieces.

I’m currently working on another portrait of my Bianca who passed away last March. I miss her so much. Watching her come alive on canvas helps with the heartache of missing her. I become so immersed in her painting. With every brushstroke, I revisit memories of her being here with me. I feel close to her again.


What advice would you give to someone who was trying to find their passion in life?

Life is amazingly unpredictable, but also a gift. You gotta get out there and explore! Learn new skills, get messy, love yourself and surround your self with creative and positive-minded people.



Thank you, Christine!

It has been an absolute pleasure getting you to know you. I am so happy to be able to share your passion and life’s work with my readers. You are an incredible inspiration!

My hope for the world is to have the guts and drive to do what makes you happy. Find that fire deep down inside and do whatever you can to feed it.

A quote that comes to mind for me is from Howard Thurman, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

That is exactly what Christine Savella has done with Savvy Studios.

The world needs you and your calling. The world also needs to see more people doing it. Living the dream, just like Christine. If more and more people choose to take the route less traveled and pick up their unique God-given talents, we can make passion our new “normal”.

The “Rat Race” is not the only option out there for your future. That is where Christine started, but look at her now!

Imagine a world, where we tell the younger generations it is okay to pursue the things that make you come alive. Chase those paint brushes that bring happiness to your heart. How much more fulfillment when the world see? How much more joy would spread?

It is never too late to learn more, live more, and love your life more. You only get one chance. How will you live it?

Yes, it is hard. Yes, it will take a lot of work. And you might not have the support you want in your venture. But once you are doing the thing that makes you happiest in the world, your journey will be worth the ride!


Go hang out with Christine!

Make sure you go and check out her work on her website and her Instagram 


Passion Is the Only Step in the Right Direction

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