6 Tips for Staying Inspired This New Year (from the Dog)

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At the beginning of the year do you seem to be more alert and on top of things? But by the time a few weeks roll by, are you exhausted again? Me too! There is a better way of staying inspired this New Year - and it comes straight from the snout of dogs!

At the beginning of the year do you seem to be more alert and on top of things? But by the time a few weeks roll by, are you exhausted again? Me too! There has got to be a better way of staying inspired this New Year!

We all have those days that are a struggle. If you have days or even weeks of feeling unmotivated or struggling, I can relate!

Are you setting some new resolutions (that taboo “R-word” everyone is talking about)? If so, use the tools I share below to keep you on the right track!

It doesn’t matter your goal. Whether you want to be more active, lose weight, look at life in a more optimistic way, or overcome a fear you might have. These tips and tricks will work on any resolution you may set.

Don’t let life get the best of you. Learn from the pups — make the most out of each day. Stay pawsitive and inspired to conquer the new year ahead.

At the beginning of the year do you seem to be more alert and on top of things? But by the time a few weeks roll by, are you exhausted again? Me too! There is a better way of staying inspired this New Year - and it comes straight from the snout of dogs!

Effective Ways to Stay Inspired This New Year (From the Pup)

Record Goals

What good are goals if you do not remind yourself daily? I know I can think, man I want to get healthy one day and then go back to my daily pizza the next. (Okay, I’m not a daily pizza person… but there was a week there that could have counted).

Take a moment and write down all the goals you have for the new year. Write everything you think of down, big and small.

Write It Down - 3-Pack A5 Essential Notepads

Write It Down – 3-Pack A5 Notepads

Now, you can’t take on everything, especially if they are big goals. Choose your top few or combine them where you see fit.

Writing goals out is a great way to hold you accountable. You can also see any progress you may have made. I like to do a lot smaller goals. You can also do one or two larger goals for the year.

When you conquer a goal, mark it off. Keep the piece of paper out where you can look at it so that you stay reminded of what you want to accomplish.

Anthropologie 52 Lists for Happiness Journal

52 Lists for Happiness Journal

Recognize Success

Does your pup ever greet you at the door with his favorite toy?

That is Doggo’s way of saying, “You Rock!”

It doesn’t matter if you were gone all day at work or 2 minutes to go get the mail. All you have to do is one little thing — walk through the door — and it demands recognition!

Make sure that no matter how small or large the achievement is, you recognize that you have grown.

Whether it be drinking more water in a day, taking your dog for a walk at least 3 times a week, no soda, or journaling each day.

When you see you are making progress on reaching your goal, give yourself a pat on the back. We can be our worst critics. When we award ourselves it boosts our self-esteem.

I started blogging a couple of months ago. To this point, I only have I few goals. But, recording my successes is always one of them! I have a running list of my little wins. You should try it! I made you a printable. It is a great way to look back at how far you have come.



Don’t Compare Yourself

In the dog world, all are created equal. You sniff a butt and move on. I don’t think a pup ever says to himself, I wish my owner made as much as Casper’s mom. I want a shiny new collar too!

What is easy for some of us is hard for others. You must NEVER compare yourself to someone else. No matter what the circumstance is. Instead, change your thinking from idealizing to humanizing as outlined in the Psychology Today post.

Comparing will throw you off your game, which leads you down a path you don’t want. We are each individual and we all have a lot to offer the world in our own way.

So, please don’t focus on what someone else is or isn’t doing.

Fall Off The Wagon

Slip-ups are going to happen! And that is perfectly normal and okay! We are human and we make mistakes every day.

Just because you have one bad day, doesn’t mean you toss out the resolution and give up.

Simply get up the next morning and start fresh and don’t guilt yourself for yesterday.

Ryder wakes up in the same brilliantly happy mood every morning. I’m sure it is the same with your pupper. Am I right? Each and every day is a brand new start for him.

It doesn’t matter if Ryder was feeling sick or got his tail stepped on the day before. We all need a fresh start daily.

So you didn’t get very far on your goal yesterday. That is okay — Today is a new day!


The comeback is always stronger than the setback.


Get Fresh Air

Have you ever come close to a goal deadline and your mind starts racing? I know mine does. Your mind can start to work overtime when it feels stressed. Stressed is far from staying inspired.


FitBark Dog Activity Monitor


When your head is all jumbled, your work isn’t as good as it could be. Take a break. Get out for some fresh air with your doggo! Go for a walk. Go to the park. Just go play!

Taking a time out, pushed the reset button on your mind. Whenever you feel frustrated with your progress, please remember to take a break.

Setting Your Mind Right

Ever see a ball-obsessed Lab? He has his mind set on getting that ball. No. Matter. What.

He will trot over to pretty much any stranger. His only goal is just one more ball toss. So optimistic that someone will cave!

You too need to stay positive — It will happen!

Look in the mirror each day and say at least 5 positive things about yourself.

Yes, It might sound silly. But speaking words of affirmation aloud over ourselves will strengthen us. And that strength brings confidence our way.

This is a great way to allow yourself to see your worth. Having the right mindset gives you the motivation you need. I know you can overcome and conquer any task or issue that you are faced with.

If it helps you remember, write with a dry erase marker on your mirror. You can write your affirmations. Or you can write a simple reminder like “Love Yourself” or “Stay Positive”.

I have a list of 25 self-loving affirmations to get you started!

List of 25 self loving affirmations


Ryder and I want to see you succeed. Share your goals with us! If you get stuck — don’t be shy — let us know. We want to be there for you. We all need support sometimes!

And don’t forget to download your freebies to stay on track!

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  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody
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    these are some great tips! I have to learn to get outside more (when the weather gets nicer that should help), and I need to stop comparing myself with others. That has ALWAYS been a problem!

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      I hear ya!! I need to work on all of the above. Each day is another chance to better myself. ? I’m so glad you enjoyed my post!

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