Could Switching Up Your Commute Improve Your Mental Health?

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Do you find yourself getting stressed to and from work? Could you switch up your commute for your mental health? Making little changes can make a difference

Do you dread battling the crowds on the subway or sitting in traffic for hours every morning? If your daily commute is getting you down, have you thought about switching it up and reaping the rewards of being more active and enjoying the fresh air? If you live near your place of work, here are some ideas that could boost your wellbeing and save your sanity.



Cycling to work has become increasingly popular, as more and more businesses try and promote greener commuting. If you don’t live miles and miles away from work, cycling may be a great option for you.

Hopping on a bike enables you to beat lines of traffic, and it’s also really good for your physical and mental health. Cycling provides a lot of great benefits! It also increases endurance and fitness, but exercise also gives you a natural high. This is caused by the release of endorphins and increased serotonin levels in the brain. Therefore aiding in your mental health.




If you tend to resort to driving, even though your office is within walking distance, have you thought about leaving your car at home, and either walking or jogging to work instead?

You won’t have to worry about traffic, you can reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll save money, and you can enjoy the benefits of moving your body. Jogging burns more calories than walking, but even if you adopt a more sedate pace, you can reap the rewards of being out in the open and living a more active lifestyle.

If you have a dog, and it goes to work with you sometimes, this will also be a much more pleasant commute for them too. If you are going to start running to work, it’s wise to take a change of clothes with you so that you can shower (if applicable) and get changed before you start your day.

It’s also a good idea to stick to pavements or parks and to wear high-visibility clothing so that drivers can spot you.


Mental health conditions are increasingly common. If you’re prone to anxiety or stress, have you thought about adapting your daily routine slightly? Simple steps like changing your commute could help to boost your wellbeing and make you feel better. Instead of wasting time sitting in traffic or trying to contend with packed train carriages or crowded buses, why not enjoy some fresh air and try walking or cycling to work?

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