Tips For Living With a Heavy Shedding Dog

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Tips For Living With a Heavy Shedding Dog

Living with a pet comes with its fair share of joys and responsibilities. If you have a dog, you know what it’s like to have them elated to see you when you get home, but also how often you have to clean up after them and make sure they are happy and healthy.

Living with a heavy shedding dog breed can be downright exhausting at points. But, if you love your dog, you’re going to learn to live with it. However, there are some key tips that you should know that can make living with a heavy shedding dog much more bearable.

We are going to cover some of the top ways to keep excess dog fur at bay.


Feed Them A Good Diet

This is one of those things that most people don’t immediately associate with preventing excess shedding, but it’s critical. Think about yourself, if you eat junk food that lacking in proper nutrients, you not only feel like crap, but your hair and skin are also not at their best. The same can be said for dogs, especially heavy shedders.

If you’re going to adopt a heavy shedding breed, feeding them quality dog food is an absolute must. While higher quality foods may cost more upfront, they are much better for your fur-baby for a number of reasons. The nutrients that are found in meat-rich dog foods help prevent dry skin which will leave your dog’s coat shinier, they will itch less, which will ultimately lead to much less shedding. If your dog has allergies, this is even more important.


Get A Robot Vacuum

If your pet sheds enough that you feel like you have to vacuum your home on a daily basis, a robot vacuum can help take the edge off. It’s not feasible to think you’re going to drag out the upright vacuum every single day. If you don’t have the time or energy to vacuum every day, a robot vacuum can be a lifesaver.

There are many types of robot vacuums you can get, ranging from the top-tier Roomba 980 or Roomba 960 to the lower quality models that cost under $200. With a heavy shedding dog, its recommended you don’t go cheap on the vacuum. This robot is going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting so your money is best spent on a top-notch vacuum that is designed to handle heavy use and pet hair.


Brush Your Pet Frequently & Use De-Shedding Tools

If you have a dog with a double coat, you should be brushing them almost every day. Brushing your dog can end up feeling like a tedious chore, so make an event out of it! If you have a yard, get your dog used to lounging outside in the sun while you brush them. This is a positive experience for your pup, relaxing for you, and because you’re outside, you don’t have to clean up the fur after brushing.

Depending on the type of coat your dog has, you may have to opt for different types of brushes and de-shedders. For dogs with short coats, a rubber comb is best for de-shedding, for pets with longer, thicker coats, a shedding blade or a de-matting rake is best.

Give Your Dog Frequent Baths

For a heavy shedder, grooming is critical. This means you will need to brush and wash your dog on a regular basis in order to minimize the excess fur. Regular baths encourage loose hair to fall out during the bath, rather than all over your house. However, over-bathing can lead to dry skin so be sure to research your specific breed to find out the best schedule and type of bathing products to use for them.

With these tips, you’re going to reduce the amount your dog sheds significantly. There will always be fur around your home if you have a pet, but your home doesn’t have to be covered.

If you’re thinking about getting heavy shedding dog breed, make sure you’re aware of the work that goes into having a dog like this. Some breeds require more work than others.



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