Tips for the First-Time Dog Owner

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I would like to welcome Sienna to the blog today. She is a full-time mom and a regular contributor to Sienna is a proud owner if two beautiful dogs (Coco & Hulk) and a beautiful cat. All adopted from a shelter.

Sienna is here to talk to you today about some tips to keep in mind when adopting your first dog. Are you a first-time dog owner? Or are you thinking about getting your first dog? Here is what Sienna has to say.


You’ve got yourself a new friend. This friend is going to become the best friend ever! This four-legged creature will love you unconditionally, your home will become so much better and warmer and you’ll have some of the most exciting moments of your life with your puppy. But, in order for you two to get along and give each other love, you have to bear a few things in mind. World of dog ownership is exciting but you also have some duties to fulfill. Let’s take a look!



Learning what your dog needs and training it properly from the beginning is a sure foundation of a great and successful relationship. Bear in mind that dogs are pack animals that need guidance. That’s why you need to train your pooch. Take charge and teach your dog how it should behave. Of course, training is one part of the story, learning more about your dog is another, yet equally important part. You have to ensure that your dog has the correct vaccinations, figure out how much exercise is optimal for it and what equipment you should buy. That’s how you start a healthy and happy relationship. Set the boundaries but also take good care of your dog’s well being.



Quality food & supplements

We all pay attention to what we eat. And you know how they say, we are what we eat. Therefore, you have to make sure that your pooch gets the best treatment possible when it comes to diet and supplements. Avoid foods full of artificial additives and low-quality ingredients. Aim at foods made from proper meat (chicken, lamb, beef etc.) with no artificial flavors. The same should apply to supplements. There can be no healthy growth with cheap food and supplements. That’s why it is important for you to find reliable dog supplies. It doesn’t matter whether it is a local store or an online shop. Find someone you can trust. Read reviews and other owners’ comments and then decide where to buy food for your dog.

Find a good veterinarian

Just like we need a good doctor when something’s wrong, every dog needs a good vet to help in a sticky situation. And one of the first places you need to go with your new pooch is to see the vet. First of all, your veterinarian will take care of your pup’s health. A good vet will also educate you about your dog and its needs. This will make puppy parenthood easier and you’ll be grateful. Therefore, find a good vet with great staff. Should something go wrong, you need to ensure that your puppy’s in good hands. Also, keep the lines of communication open.


Buy the necessary equipment

In order to look after your dog successfully, you need to be properly equipped. And considering that you’re new to this thing, let’s see what you absolutely need to buy equipment-wise. First of all, invest in a decent water bowl and food bowl. As it was mentioned, quality dog food is something you need to stock up on. Then comes the leash. Dog bed is definitely something that needs to be bought since you need to make sure that your pooch is comfortable while asleep. Add some treats and dog toys and you should be fine. These are essentials but let’s see some items that are ‘optional’ but still useful. If you can, invest in an ID tag. God forbid something happened and your puppy decided to run away, this item will help you find it. Find a crate if you two decide to go on a vacation and also buy a muzzle. Not every place is dog-friendly and not all humans like dogs.



Socialization is important

It should go without saying but you need to devote a lot of attention to your new family member. You know, you’re probably the most important person in your dog’s life. So, spend time with your dog and provide it with lots of love. Play with your pooch, take it to the park, let it meet other dogs. This is another important aspect of your pup’s upbringing. If you want your dog to be comfortable around new people and dogs, you have to let it spend some time with them. Of course, this should come few months after your dog’s arrival to your home.



You’ll be a good puppy parent! You know, if the roles were reversed, your dog would do everything in its power to make you as happy as possible. Why not aim at that kind of treatment for your pooch, too? Shower it with love and care and follow these tips. It’s going to be fine.

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