Is Vacationing With My Dog A Good Idea?

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Summer is fast approaching. Are you planning some awesome Summer getaways? Do you plan on taking your pupper? There is a lot to consider when bringing your dog along for the ride. Before you start packing, here are some answers to the question, "Is vacationing with my dog a good idea?"

Summer is fast approaching. Are you planning some awesome Summer getaways? Do you plan on taking your pupper? There is a lot to consider when bringing your dog along for the ride. Taking doggo on a break with you can be tough, but so can finding them quality care while you are away.

It’s such a confusing situation; it can be hard to know what to do as a dog mom! Well, luckily for you and Fido, you can get some help in making this decision. Here are a few items to think about before you start packing.



Yes – Emotionally easier

Dog moms (and dads) aren’t your “normal” pet owners. We think of our fur babies as a fully fledged member of the family. Am I right?!

And as such we have a strong emotional connection to them that is not easily broken. Ryder was my “kid” before he became my ESA. Even if his title never came to be, he is still my emotional support. It is very difficult for me to not be by his side for long-ish periods of time.

Leaving your pup for an extended amount of time can be incredibly difficult. And it does not just take its toll on you. Your dog can feel it, too. After all, our dogs support us with their unconditional joy and love, as much as we look after them.

There is definitely a strong case for taking your dog with you on vacation if you can. Especially if the emotional turmoil it would cause you both to be separated is great.


dog is a car


No – Not always practical

Sadly, it is not always possible or practical to take your pup with you when you travel. Perhaps you are flying overseas, and you don’t want to expose your dog to the experience of going in the hold of an airplane?

Maybe you are visiting family or friends, and they have pets of their own, and accommodation for your dog is out of the question? You may even be staying in a hotel that doesn’t allow pets, or with people that have an allergy. All of which means doggo is not welcome.

This is a situation that can be seriously tough for the emotionally, but it is often an issue that can’t be got around. Not everyone is a dog fan. Can you believe it?!

Luckily, for times like these, there are some extraordinary dog boarding kennels that you can send your pup to stay. While on their stay-cation your pup can get large amounts of company, exercise, and care.

There are also some great dog-friendly accommodations along the way. These all will ensure your pup is as happy as possible while you are away, and so contributes to the argument that it’s OK to not vacation with your dog in tow.


Yes – Some pups love to travel

Of course, if you do have the opportunity to take your pup away with you on vacation, and its practical for you to do so, it’s worth remembering that they can truly enjoy themselves. I know Ryder absolutely LOVES to travel. We have not flown in a plane yet. But he didn’t get his name by walking. Ryder is completely happy to get in the car and take a trip around the block.

After all, dogs are built to be the happiest when they are with you. Therefore if you throw in a car journey where they can stick their head out of the window and feel the breeze, or a few stops at some fabulous parks and forests they can enjoy themselves almost as much as you will. Definitely, a point that supports taking Fido with you on your break.


dog on a boat


No – What about your dog’s health and well being?

Lastly, though, and as all dog moms know, what is truly important is the health and wellbeing of your pup. What this means is that the choice ultimately has to come down to whether their experience will be made more positive by coming along or not. Something you can use the points above to help you decide.

But other times, you have to make a decision solely on whether or not the trip will be healthy for Doggo. Maybe the place you are going is a much hotter climate than you and your dog are used to. This can make it difficult for your dog to acclimate causing other health issues.

Whatever you do, make sure you think the whole trip though thoroughly. You don’t want to decide to bring Fido and then end up going to the water park where dogs are not allowed. Where will Fido stay when you are out doing the touristy stuff?

Do you travel with your dog? What do they enjoy most about your trips? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Crystal And Daisy Mae
    | Reply

    Like your post says it’s not always practical. However, if your dog isn’t used to traveling or hates to travel, I would say leave your dog at home or find someplace where they can stay comfortably.

    • Front Seat Ryder
      | Reply

      Very true. I know a few of my readers who have pups that do not like to travel at all. You never want to put them in a situation that is uncomfortable to them.

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