Volunteers Vital to Pet Rescue: New Novel Highlights Importance of Such Endeavors

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I would love to welcome Gayle M. Irwin to the blog today. She has written for us in the past and I always love having her. In honor of November, which is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, Gayle would love to chat about a very important topic to all of our hearts… giving back to animals in need.

Volunteers Vital to Pet Rescue:

New Novel Highlights Importance of Such Endeavors

By Gayle M. Irwin


The Boston terrier stretched his small body from the passenger seat toward the window. His round, black eyes surveyed the landscape as my car zipped along the interstate. Curiosity kept him attentive to the passing grass, trees, and spring wildflowers. Yet, something else seemed to stir within the dog. I slowed the car to the posted town speed limit and approached the second exit that would take us to the community’s rest stop. Theo leaned closer to the windshield. His front paws balanced on the dashboard before I could place a protective arm across his chest. He watched intently, and I drove slowly. As we rounded the corner into the parking area, his ears perked and his eyes stared. Waiting for us at the end of that 180-mile drive were his adoptive pet-parents. He just seemed to know.


Volunteer for Rescues

I’ve experienced similar reactions from other dogs. For nearly a decade, I’ve assisted pet rescue organizations in and around my state. I live in Wyoming, where pronghorn antelope outnumber humans. Long distances between communities makes getting animals into rescue and to their forever homes difficult, and regional organizations depend on volunteers to transport dogs and cats from one place to another. Home visits are also sometimes needed. I have done both for various organizations. Whether the duty is transporting or interviewing perspective adopters while visiting their homes, these volunteer assignments bring joy to my heart. Knowing a companion animal is getting another chance to be loved and doted upon just as I love and spoil my own adopted pets makes those 100+ mile treks worthwhile. From Boston terriers like Theo to Great Danes like Smallz, I’ve taken animals on journeys home … and I love it!


Many people aren’t aware of what pet rescues do. They know about animal shelters in their communities and SPCAs (The ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and more regional groups like the Houston SPCA and Sacramento SPCA). However, how many people know about the numerous volunteer rescue organizations operated by volunteers? And, even the ones that have paid staff rely heavily on volunteers to help with events, to foster animals until they are adopted, to transport pets across the state or region, and for various other projects and needs.


Rescue & Romance


My new novel, Rescue Road, incorporates the concepts of volunteer rescue, transporters and home visits. This clean, contemporary romance weaves the idea of second chances, not only for the animals in need of new homes, but second chances for the primary characters who fall in love but face challenges to their romance. Rhiann Kelly is a freelance writer who plans to establish a pet rescue sanctuary on land she purchased for back taxes. That same ranch has been eyed by a land developer for years. Additionally, the community’s EMT supervisor, Levi Butler, envisions his retirement dream of raising horses on that same property. Can Rhiann and Levi set aside their differences and thwart the land developer’s take-over plans or will they each lose their dream? Can their broken paths weave their hearts together as they travel the rescue road?



Within the pages, readers will meet several volunteers who help Rhiann with her rescue, and also meet many rescue dogs. Learn more about my novel, scheduled for release on November 8, 2019, here: http://www.gaylemirwin.com/novels.html. You can view the book trailer and download the first chapter FREE!


Volunteers are Vital to Pet Rescue & Adoption

No matter where we live, whether Montana, which is the setting of my novel, or Wyoming, the state in which I reside, a large city, small town, or rural ranch, we can help animals in need. Through donations of supplies or money, through fundraising events, fostering, walking dogs, playing with cats, cuddling bunnies, or transporting animals, we can all help the rescues, shelters, and humane societies around us. Volunteers play a vital role in helping animals get “home” – they can’t do that without us.

November is National Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month – what are a few things you can do as a volunteer to help animals in need?


Gayle M. Irwin desires to delight and uplift readers with stories that inspire, educate, and entertain. She has contributed to seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books, published twelve pet books for children, and written three devotion books for dog lovers. Her clean, contemporary romance novel, Rescue Road, is set for release on November 8, 2019. An avid promoter of pet rescue and adoption, Gayle volunteers for various animal rescue groups and has adopted many dogs and cats over the years. She donates a portion of all book sales to such organizations. Learn more about Gayle, her writing, and her pets at www.gaylemirwin.com and sign up for her free monthly pet newsletter and other resources, including free short stories.

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