7 Ways to Be a Better Dog Owner

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Dog Moms are a special breed, aren’t we?! We love our buddies beyond words. You may already be a great dog owner, but there is nothing wrong with making improvements. Here are 7 ways to be a better dog owner

Dog Moms are a special breed, aren’t we?! We love our buddies beyond words. You may already be a great dog owner, but there is nothing wrong with making improvements. Everyone should be looking for ways to be a better dog owner.

One problem we do have is that a lot of us show our love as humans. There are times when our human love doesn’t translate into dog language. In this article, we will talk about just some of the ways that you can be a better dog owner. And if any of them help to make your dog happier and healthier, that’s fantastic! Here are 7 way to be a better dog owner. 


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Take Longer Walks

The amount that your dog needs to be walked depends a lot on the breed and your individual pooch. However, there are a lot of canines out there who would be happier if they could go on long walks.

If you work full time like I do. You know what I mean. How hyper is your buddy when you come home? I’m guessing they are pretty stir crazy! They need to expend the energy that they have built up during the day, and even though this may feel like a chore from time to time, your dog will appreciate it.

Find a new route. Mix it up! Rather than just going around the same block again and again. This will help to hold the interest of both you and Pupper. Plus it is a great excuse to explore more of your neighborhood or hometown.


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More Play Time

Following on from the previous point, all dogs want to be played with. Try to find a bit of extra time to keep them entertained. Avoid both you and your dog becoming bored, try to incorporate some different games into playtime.

Don’t forget that even older dogs want to spend some quality time with their owners. Especially if they are not as active as they once were. Ryder and I love going to our local off-leash areas. He can run and play with other pups as we trek through the parks. Combine walking your dog, playing games, and meeting other dog owners and you will be ticking three boxes at once.


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Better Dog Food

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ certainly applies to your dogs, as well. Learn to read your pupper’s food labels. Evaluate the food you are currently giving them. Find out if there is anything else on the market which could be better for their health.

Is the food suitable for the specific breed of dog and their lifestyle? If you don’t have a huge budget to spend, you could always treat your pooch once in a while to some high-quality organic goodies. And don’t forget about the doggy treats!


Become More Understanding

While dogs may not be as complex creatures as human beings, you can still take the time to learn more about them and what it is that makes them tick. Part of this involves simply observing your pet to discover their reaction to different environments and stimulants.

Read a couple of dog books and check out some of the articles that are available online. You may be able to explain some aspect of your dog’s behavior which you could never make sense of in the past. You are always a quick Google away from more knowledge.


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Take Their Health Seriously

There are various aspects involved in making sure that your dog remains healthy and fit. We have already talked about the importance of the right dog food, but you could also look into healthy supplements, such as CBD oil for dogs.

Exercise and grooming are two of the other pillars of keeping your pet healthy. You should also develop a close relationship with your vet. Visit your vet on a regular basis for your routine checkups. Even if you don’t notice anything that is specifically wrong with them, there is no harm in going along to give yourself some peace of mind.



Give Them Their Own Space

We have already talked about the importance of spending quality time with your dog, but you also need to make sure that you give them their own space. This one is hard for a lot of dog moms.

Understandably so.

And it all depends on your pup how much time they need. Every dog will be different. Take the Vizsla, for example, their breed is known as the “Velcro Dog” because they want to be next to their hooman A LOT. They will need less time than others, but they still need some time alone. Maybe to just go romp and sniff in the yard.

Dogs appreciate having their own area where they can go to relax and sleep at the end of a long and tiring day – something that you will certainly be able to relate to! Even if it is just a small mat in the corner of your living room, you will still find that your dog likes to be able to go there and know that it is theirs.


Dog sleeping on the couch


Don’t Leave Them Alone in Cars

You have probably already heard this one a million times before. And if you are on my blog regularly, you are most likely an awesome dog mom already. But it is still worth saying again.

You shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a car even for a short period of time. They can freeze very quickly in conditions which are too cold while being left alone in hot cars can result in death. Temperature changes very quickly in a small space like a car.

These small changes may seem insignificant to humans, but they can be harsh for dogs. They bodies temperature regulates much different than ours and they do not have very many sweat glands.

If you live a mild-weathered place, these might not be a big issue for you. However, by leaving your dog in the car, you are also running the risk that your dog could end up getting kidnapped. This is a very serious and fast-rising crime. Pet trafficking is no joke. There are people out looking for a pet to steal or get cheap off of rehoming Craigslist ads. Then they flip them to others for a bigger profit.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! If you absolutely have to briefly leave your dog in the car, please be smart. Park where you can always have an eye on your car and pup. You can never be too safe.  


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