Why Fostering a Dog Is Important

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Have you ever given any thought to fostering a dog? It is easier than you would expect and has many benefits for you and the shelter dogs in need.

Dog fostering is something I have wanted to look into doing for a while now. But a few years ago, I had to move back into the life as an “apartment dweller”. I am not able to have other pets in my unit. However, as soon as my living arrangements change and I am able I am now convinced that fostering is for me.

How did I come to this conclusion, you might ask. Well, let me tell ya. My friend Cara Sue Achterberg reached out to me and asked if I could take a look at her newest book. It is due to drop tomorrow, August 7th!

And let me tell you… You do not want to miss getting your hands on this courageous story. In her book, Another Good Dog, Cara takes you on the journey of how her family started fostering dogs. In fact, the book takes you through the stories of her first 50 dogs.

Yes, 5-0!

Her story was so inspiring. Pick up your copy of Another Good Dog: One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs on Amazon. I now have no doubts that I will be a foster dog mom one day! And you can too!

Fostering is so important for many reasons. The biggest reason is you can help take care of an animal that is need of love and basic care like feeding and watering them. Fostering allows your animal shelter to reduce any overcrowding they are running into and opens up spots for more doggos in need.

The biggest goal for shelters and rescues is to find forever homes for as many pets as they can. Before they find those forever homes, they have to have the means and space to house these animals.

That’s where we all can come in.

Fostering a dog can be an incredible asset to your shelters. We can help ensure our shelters have many more opportunities to find forever homes for even more animals. There can be limitless numbers of dogs to save. Even if your shelter can only house 50 animals, they are no limit to how many fosters they work with. Fosters can vastly increase a shelter’s capacity. The more number of foster homes, the more dogs saved. PERIOD.


Fostering Really Benefits the Animal

Have you ever given any thought to fostering a dog? It is easier than you would expect and has many benefits for you and the shelter dogs in need.


One amazing thing about fostering a pet is it is actually instrumental for the pup’s progress. When that pet comes into your home they get more attention and care than what they might receive at the shelter. Plus, you are able to make them as comfortable as possible. A lot of shelters have to limit the bedding and toys given to the animals, due to lack of funds and supervision.

Fostering a dog can help reduce the spread of diseases among animals in a shelter by limited how many animals are housed together. Many shelters are at capacity and have to have animals “bunked’ together, not knowing where either has been or what diseases they may be carrying.

Fostering also helps the dog with it’s socializing skills, making them more friendly and adoption ready. This is especially true if the foster parents have a well-behaved and social dog (or other pets) at home.

In a home, the dog could have access to regular walks, play with children and other pets, and of course get a lot more attention than what a shelter can offer. It all makes for a more peaceful transition into the perfect family who will come along and adopt the pup.

As a foster, you can not only help the dog with skills that will make the adoption process less of a shock to all parties involved. But by having had the dog in your home, you can be their voice and vouch for them. You know the kind of environment that they would thrive in. This can help ensure the pup finds his perfect forever home.

If you have pets in the home already, you can assess how the foster dog will act around other animals. This helps narrow down the right adopter for the pup. Having well-adjusted and well-socialized dogs around your foster can give them comfort. Your dogs can act as an “example” of proper behavior for the new addition.


Benefits From Fostering a Pet

  • You can help be a part of giving a needy animal love and care.
  • Fostering helps save many animals’ lives. As it opens up spots that wouldn’t be available if your shelter didn’t have the space.
  • You get to love on incredible animals and help prepare them for their forever home.
  • Fostering a pet can be a tax deduction making the burden of expenses for a new family member a little lighter.
  • You are able to meet many new pets and have a fun companion for an extended amount of time.
  • Helps you to be a part of your community and give back.


Do you have a foster dog? What do you feel is the best part? If you are still on the fence, what is holding you back from helping out? Start a howl in the comments and let’s talk about it.

Also, make sure you go and pick up a copy of Cara’s book, Another Good Dog. Not only will it give you a good look into the foster process, but it is also an awesome read for any dog lover. Pick yours up today on Amazon.

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