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If you are looking for dog influencers or famous Instagram dogs to help be an ambassador for your dog brand. Look no further!

Ryder and I are always looking for ways to bring new and exciting information to our readers and followers. If you are looking for an influencer to promote your next big launch or to help spread the word about your company, we would love to hear from you.

We would love the opportunity to work with honest, quality brands like yourself. Some of the niches we cover are:

  • Dog Health
  • Training Tips
  • Dog Mom Swag
  • Mental Health – Depression and Anxiety
  • Personal Development & Self Improvement
  • Inspirational

We also share our loving and active doggie lifestyle. Some of our favorite hobbies are camping, hiking, biking, and couch cuddling.To hear a little more about our story and our blog’s mission, please look over our About Page.


No BONES about it, we would be BARKING mad to col-LAB-orate with you!

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We look forward to hearing from you.
We strive to respond within 24-48 hours.



Our Services

You may reach out to us at any time with your project ideas. I am more than happy to help put together a custom package to suit your budget and company needs. Please email me at Some of the sponsored material we can help with include:

  • Product Review Blog Posts
  • Product Review Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Instagram Features
  • Facebook Features
  • Twitter Shoutouts
  • Related Pins
  • Featured Blog Articles
  • Display Banners for your company


Follower Stats

For all our follower stats, please feel free to take a gander at our Influence profile. You will also find some samples of our work, as well as a list of brands we have worked with. Here is the breakdown of our dog Instagram account.



Request a Quote or Media Kit

To request a quote, please email me at Please be sure to include the scope of the project, as well as what type of material will best suit your needs. I will be more than happy to send you over some more information.

You may request my media kit via email or download one from my Influence profile. To ensure the most current information, please request one via email.

If you have any question what-so-ever, I am an email away!


Ryder and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Reach Out

We look forward to hearing from you.
We strive to respond within 24-48 hours.