Your Guide About Dog Safe Plants: Your Pet Will Be Thankful!

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Your Guide About Dog Safe Plants

Spring is almost here and we cannot wait. But the more frolicking our pups do outside, the more likely they are going to get into something that they shouldn’t. Our dogs eat a lot of grass, but what if they decide to eat the wrong plant or shrub? Do you know if you have any plants in your home or yard that are not safe for dogs? We have some answers for you today! I would like to introduce Kay Burton to the blog today. Kay is a writer for Home Maker Guide and is an expert gardener, builder, and DIY specialist. Kay is here today to help make our homes safe for our pups with his quick guide about dog safe plants.

Welcome, Kay!

Your Guide About Dog Safe Plants

Most animal lovers know that some interior plants, often used to decorate homes, are not entirely dog safe, and could pose actual threats to their pet’s health. But from now on, you don’t have to worry anymore! This article will not only walk you through the best shrubs safe for dogs and even plants dogs can eat, but will also reveal some of the most common house plants poisonous for dogs. After all, dogs are man’s best friends, and they deserve all the consideration of their parents!


Dog Safe Plants

Plants provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any home, which is also why they are always recommended by dedicated experts. But some of them can seriously endanger a dog’s health. As such, here is a list of the nicest dog safe plants for indoor decoration.


The Cactus is a pretty popular plant all around the world, so you will be glad to hear that it is not toxic to dogs or cats. On the downside, it is not an easy plant to maintain — it requires a lot of light and constant using the plant humidifier.



The Blue Echeveria does not require much water; it can be placed almost anywhere around the house and, most importantly, is 100% dog safe.

The Boston Fern is not toxic to pets either, but animals love to play and chew on its leaves, so make sure they don’t tear it down. Also, it is not recommended to leave it in a sunny spot.

The Spider Plant is one of those shrubs safe for dogs that purifies the air in the room and looks great in a hanging vessel.

The Parma Violet is another popular plant. Much like roses, hibiscus, sunflowers, and the African Violet, it’s one of those plants dogs can eat. It should be kept in a bright spot, but not very intense, and the water should always be poured into the pot, never directly on the leaves.

Tradescantia is a fast-growing and multiplying plant. In addition, it needs intense light, so we recommend you keep it on the balcony or in the yard.

The Bamboo is extremely easy to maintain, and, according to Asian folklore, it will bring good fortune to your home.



The Gerbera will add a lot of color to your home and, since it helps purify the air, it’s an extremely beneficial dog safe plant.


Tips for Making a Dog-Friendly Garden

We’ve covered the inside of your home, so you might be curious about what’s there to be done with your garden. Here is a list of dog safe plants for outdoors.

The Daylily requires little to no maintenance at all, and it can seriously contribute to the aesthetic value of your garden. It also grows very quickly and can be quite resilient.

The Camellia is one of those shrubs safe for dogs that will take some effort to establish. However, once it has firmly rooted, it will keep coming back next year without any further efforts from your part.

The Garden Marigold is not just a dog safe plant, but also one of the most beautiful garden flowers out there. It will bring a lot of bees to a garden and will protect vegetables as well.



The Fuchsia is an exquisite flower, colored in strong pink and purple nuances, that looks amazing in suspended baskets outdoors. It thrives in Pacific climates, in which it can stay in bloom until late fall.

The Magnolia Bush is a lesser-known version that offers some of the most spectacular pink, purple, or white flowers. Much like the rest of the Magnolia family, these are plants dogs can eat.

The African Daisy is a very resilient, drought-tolerant plant that will add a lot of color to your garden. Its flowers bloom in a vast range of beautiful colors, and, unlike other daisies, this one smells magnificent.


Avoid the Following Plants

There are a lot of dog safe indoor plants out there, but we also mentioned some houseplants poisonous to dogs that you need to be aware of. So, if you care about your pet’s health and would do anything to protect him, you should avoid Aloe Vera, Jade, Ivy, Dumb Cane, Philodendron, Sago Palm, Pathos, Elephant Year, Asparagus, Corn Plant, and Desert Rose.



And this pretty much sums up our quick guide to dog safe plants. And you can be sure that the entries in our list are not just safe examples of plants dogs can eat, but also extremely beautiful solutions that can add a lot of color and style to your home and garden.


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